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Telephone Service in Hamburg with tradition since 1999

High availability is very important in business life. But many companies have to handle so many tasks that a telephone readiness is not always possible.


On the other hand, hiring your own secretary is not always the ideal solution. It involves high labor costs and in case of an illness or vacation, the accessibility suffers again.


So if you have a lot of appointments, do not have much time and want to increase your accessibility at low cost, then we recommend you our professional telephone service.


What do you get with the telephone service:


With the professional telephone service we offer you a virtual secretariat for your company.

We guarantee a high accessibility as well as a professional appearance on the telephone.

Every caller reaches your company and can communicate his request. No more lost orders, no stress from calls at inappropriate times and ideal accessibility! That’s exactly what you get through our service.




Accesabillity of Telephoneservice:

We take your calls from:
Monday till Thursday: 8:30 bis 17:30
Friday: 8:30 bis 17:00


Which companies benefit from the telephone service:



Lawyers, the client conversation takes longer?

We ensure your accessibility.

Craftsmen you are at the construction site? We accept inquiries on the phone for you.

Doctors, treat your patients quite undisturbed,

we take the calls.

Coaches and consultants, you are in the workshop,

we are on the phone for you.

Multilingual, German, English, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian


Flexible billing! Pay only what you actually need.

In addition to a small monthly fee, we only bill the number of calls and duration of the call right down to the second.

So you only pay what you consume and save labor costs over your own secretary. In addition, we can ensure a higher accessibility, as we have several contacts in the house, which represent each other.

We identify with your company, know what your company does, who you are and where you are. – Provided we stay in permanent contact.

So we can provide your callers with up-to-date information, like your personal secretay office.




Telephone service as an advantage for young company:


Low costs and flexible usage: You do not have to hire your own secretary. If the call volume increases, we can jump in quickly. This protects your liquidity and increases your accessibility.

The setup is quick and easy. Just forward your calls to us, define rules and give us a list of employees and contact infos.

Within a day we are ready for you.

Be calm in appointments, because your callers always get someone on the phone. We answer on behalf of your company and give a professional impression.

Customer concerns are handled properly and quickly. All messages and inquiries will be forwarded to your company.

We are not a call center: this means we have a manageable number of contacts and thus give your customers a recognition value..





It’s that easy to set up the phone service:


Configure telephone system

Forward your calls to us in general, or only if you are busy. Alternatively, you can set up your phone to ring and forward it to us after a specified time.


Define rules:

Let us know how we should greet callers. When should a caller be put through, are there any employees to whom we should put through?

Rules help us to answer your calls correctly.


Receive calls as messages:

DThat’s it! Calls are received by us and will be sent to you by e-mail or SMS. You are always up to date, saving time and are always available.



Many entrepreneurs imagine the word “telephone service” a call center, which handles calls impersonal.

Our telephone service in Hamburg is characterized by qualified, friendly staff, who will take your calls courteously. he selected contacts are introduced to your company or the administration and process each call exactly to your wishes.

The telephone service staff will answer the phone with your company name and inform the caller according to your specifications. For urgent calls, you can also arrange forwarding to an external number or to your mobile phone.

However, there are other reasons to use our professional telephone service: they are not subject to long contract periods and benefit from easily calculated costs. In addition, your company is greeting the caller with a professional and friendly voice, which positively influences the first contact.

Do you have international business contacts? That is no problem – you can of course also book the multilingual telephone service.


Never miss a call again!

So that you no longer lose a call, simply forward your main telephone number to us, permanently, in case of vacation or illness or as an “overflow”. – You decide!

Call acceptance takes place exclusively in your company name.

Our cost model is very simple and transparent.

In addition to a small monthly fee, we only calculate the number of calls and duration of the call right down to the second.


Frequently asked questions:


What experience does the Hamburg Business Center bring?  

We have been around since 1999 and we have already supported many different companies!

Which languages? Do you offer in the office service?  

Of course German and English, but also Russian and Ukrainian. We also offer our telephone service in Spanish.  

If I am interested in the telephone service, what else is to be clarified?  

We will tell you the conditions, then you will get a number to which you can forward your caller. Then we just have to define how we greet callers and how we should deal with the callers. For that we just define a few rules, that’s all.

How long will it take to set up to use the telephone service?  

The setup is done very fast, if you have defined the rules accordingly we can answer your calls within one day.

How complicated is the conversion to the telephone service for me?  

You have to make a few settings in your telephone system, these only take a few minutes. On the phone, you can set up a redirect within a minute. The rules are also quickly defined and transmitted. All in all, you probably need less than an hour.

I’m sitting located outside of Hamburg, can I still become a customer?  

Of course! Even if your company is located abroad, you can use our telephone service.  

How much time and costs can I save?  

By using our telephone service, our customers don’t have to hire their own secretary. Furthermore, you will get a higher accessibility and no call will get lost. The biggest benefit is that you have time to focus on your business.

Do you also make outbound phone calls for my company?  

No. We do not offer this.  

How are the calls communicated to me?  

You will receive the call log according to your wishes, via SMS, fax or e-mail. Define rules and emergencies when we should put your calls through, we are flexible.

How do I find the best solution for my company?  

By contacting us without obligation! We are happy to advise you on options and costs and together we’ll find the right mix of services for your company.  

Want to know more? Ask for a call back:

Just get YOUR unbinding offer still today!

We would very much appreciate to assist you.

+49 040 23608400

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