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A conversation is still one of the most favored means to get in contact with future customers and business partners as well as to stay in contact with actual business relationships. Particularly when people want to contact you for the first time they often breakup trying it when your telephone line is occupied, when they get into a waiting loop or only reach the answering machine. Our professional Telephone Service in Hamburg can help you: You get a virtual reception area when booking our Telephone Service – with a secretary answering your calls and working according your instructions!

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When they hear the word: Telephone Service, many enterprisers imagine a call center processing calls impersonally. Our Telephone Service Hamburg is not only characterized by qualified friendly staff answering your calls very obliging. Our selected employees are familiar with your company and process each of your calls exactly according your wishes. The staff members of our Telephone Service answer your calls in your company’s name and inform the calling party according your specifications. So our employees can take your calls, document them and send you the corresponding information during short time via SMS, email or via fax. For urgent calls you can furthermore arrange for a transmission of your calls to an external telephone number or to your mobile. Moreover you have the possibility that our Telephone Service in Hamburg acts as your front office and informs your customers or business partners about your special services and products. It is also possible that we call your business partners in your name, to arrange for meetings or business lunch.

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Unavailability can quickly lead to an unfavorable image. But also other reasons exist to use our professional Telephone Service. You do not have to sign long lasting contracts and costs can easily be calculated. Besides your company is represented by a professional friendly voice which can positively influence a first contact with the calling party. You have international business relationships? No problem for us, you can book Telephone Service Hamburg multi-lingual.

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