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Rent an office for a certain period of time in our Hamburger Business Center

You would like to rent an office in Hamburg but you do not want to sign a long-term contract? Then we can offer the perfect solution. We – for a long time already – offer professional office solutions and fair and flexible contracts. Take advantage of our extensive know-how. By renting an office for a certain period of time in our Hamburger Business Center, you can combine the advantages of a city location and flexible contracts.

Rent an office in the heart of Hamburg

Today flexibility is one of the key elements of economic success. An increasing number of entrepreneurs therefore move away from inflexible office solutions, they prefer office premises according their special requirements. Long-term rental contracts often impede quick business decisions. An economically attractive option that at the same time offers a high degree of flexibility is to temporarily rent an office. For project managers, people who are cost-conscious, small and medium-sized enterprises, affiliated groups and all those who need office rooms on short notice, the appropriate solution can be found in our Hamburger Business Center. But also if you have to manage peak workload or if you are a freelancer and only need an office at special times, our completely equipped offices, that can be rented for periods according your wishes, are an excellent choice. In view of the increasing mobility and dynamic of today’s business world it is absolutely necessary to at the same time work cost-efficiently and professionally. Concentrate on your main business and let us organize and administrate your work!

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Highest level of flexibility due to our completely equipped office rooms

Although you can find a large range of offers for to rent an office in Hamburg, most rental contracts are for a long term. Besides it is difficult to find office rooms with a small or flexible base area. Our offices for special terms however offer you large flexibility. You can – at any time – minimize or maximize the space rented and therewith always act according your needs. An additional advantage:

You do not have to take care for the equipment of your office as ours are completely furnished including telephone-line, high-speed internet access and fax. The corresponding hardware is available. Fax machines, black and white as well as color printers, copying machine, scanners. Our office rooms are equipped with special office technique. Moreover our Hamburger Business Center provides a front desk and pleasant reception areas. In addition to a completely equipped kitchen also machines for cold and hot beverages are available. In case you rent an office in our Hamburger Business Center, all additional and administrational costs like those for electricity, heating, use of common areas, security, daily office cleaning, facility manager and regular window cleaning are inclusive.

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