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Variable contract terms for more flexibility.

Business Center Hamburg

Flexible solutions for superior demands.

HBC GmbH - Seminarräume Hamburg

Completely furnished rooms

Complete office infrastructure.

Your office in Hamburg: variable contract terms for more flexibility

Business Center Hamburg, the perfect solution for enterprises, business founders, consultants or freelancers who are looking for office rooms and need flexibility. Our completely equipped offices can be enlarged according your business developments. Short and flexible rental contracts enable you to easily change according your needs. You can rent an office for a period of time that you determine and in a size you need. So you also have the possibility to, on short notice, minimize or enlarge the space you have rented.

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Business Center Hamburg – flexible solutions for superior demands

Business Center Hamburg offers completely equipped office- and conference-rooms for superior demands. Take advantage of a central location offering perfect transport connections: buses, railways, highways in the city of Hamburg. In addition to the outstanding infrastructure and sufficient parking possibilities in our basement garage, the Hamburg Business Center is surrounded by restaurants and companies offering a wide range of services.

Completely furnished rooms, complete office infrastructure

The completely furnished offices are equipped with: telephones, fax, high speed internet access. All additional costs (heating, electricity, use of common areas, security, daily cleaning of offices, regular window cleaning, services of facility manager etc.) are included. In addition to excellent office technique like black/white and color printers, fax machines, scanner and copying machines you can also use our completely furnished kitchen with machines for hot and cold beverages.

Optional services according your requirements

In addition to the use our offices for times required, we have also available for you training rooms, meeting rooms and conference rooms. Your advantage: use our services whenever you need to. In the Business Center Hamburg you can additionally rent services according your demands. Attractive conference- and meeting-rooms with a panorama view can be rented, inclusive: in-house-catering and furniture. Or do you need flexible telephone service for the answering of your calls during your breaks, in case of holidays or illness? You benefit from our large service portfolio and our longstanding experience. You are also in good hands when you operate on a small scale or when you start business, as our virtual offices are an ideal solution with regard to costs and flexibility.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Central city location in Hamburg, sufficient parking possibilities in our house-garage
  • Completely equipped office rooms
  • Virtual offices
  • Conference- and meeting rooms
  • Personal telephone service
  • Short and flexible rental contracts
  • Business address, secretariat- and mailing service
  • Modern technical equipment
  • No input costs for office equipment and personnel
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