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Office service in Hamburg with tradition since 1999


If you start a company, then all sorts of tasks come to you.
On the one hand, you need a representative business address,

a post office, a mailbox, a telephone number and, in the ideal case, a secretary.

With the office service, you get all this from a single source from an experienced partner!

So you combine a representative address with our secretarial service and have your head free for the important things in the business.



Who gets the office service?


Our customers include a variety of industries, which often want to bridge a staff shortage or who want to guarantee a professional and high level of willingness.

Lawyers, use our service when telephone exchanges are not occupied.

Craftsmen, benefit from our service as they are on the construction site all day.

Doctors, also use our service to find more time for their patients.

We also include house administrators, tax consultants, real estate brokers and consultants to our customers!

Accessibility Secretarial Services:




Monday till Thursday:

8:30 to 17:30


8:30 to 17:00



Benefits of the office service at a glance


More time, as we receive calls for you

Flexible, today asked, tomorrow we are your secretariat

Inexpensive, we calculate in 6-minute intervals, each 3,00 €

Representative, no call center, fixed contact

Multilingual, German, English, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian

Everything in view, conversation records are written for you




Advantages of the office service at a glance


Take what you need!

Simply combine our offerings in a modular way or use only partial services.

With us, you get everything from a single source from the company address, through the office to the office service. We support you in the growth of your company and can offer you more performance if necessary.

You are uncertain, what offer is right for you? With our experience since 1999, we can certainly help you to put together the right services.


Insight Hamburger Business Center:




Business Center Hamburg - Seminarraum Beispiel 3
Business Center Hamburg - Büro auf Zeit Beispiel
Business Center Hamburg - Restaurant
HBC GmbH - Tagungsraum Hamburg
BBCC Berliner Bogen Conference Center

What distinguishes our office service:

Many services, writing service, translation, office applications, more

Irrespective of location, we support Germany and abroad

Alternative to secretary, billing according to actual performance

Fixed contacts, no call center, personal speeches

Multilingual, German, English, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian

Focus on the essential, we will keep your back free




Business adress in Hamburg:

Use our representative address for your company headquarters.

We offer office space, post office and secretarial office.

Take advantage of what you need.




Post acceptance and service:

Are you traveling a lot?

Then use our post service, we open and edit your mail for you and send you a copy by mail.

No matter where you are.



Telephon Service:

Are you traveling a lot and you are often in appointments?

Then use the telephone service for maximum accessibility.

All calls are logged and sent to you!




Flexibly rent of Conference rooms

You want to invite customers to an appointment and need a more appealing space including catering? We are happy to help you here and offer a wide range of rooms and support.




Additional services:

You need quick help since the tasks are piling up?

We support you in office tasks, presentations, typing and translations in several languages.




Rent your office at a top address, quite flexibly and on time.

W-Lan, furniture, technology, cleaning and more!

Very flexible design!



Office Service as an advantage for young companies:

Low cost and flexible use:

You do not need to hire an entire office immediately, and you do not have to employ any employees, which saves liquidity.

You will also receive an attractive business correspondence for business correspondence and a business card.


Increase availability:

But also established companies can benefit from our services!

Especially when you are very busy, often on the road or in many meetings, the accessibility often suffers.


Here, we offer comprehensive solutions!


Our competent employees take your calls and welcome your customers in your company name. Customer requests are processed quickly and efficiently, and all messages and inquiries are forwarded to your company. If necessary, you can also use our conference and meeting rooms.


Many services for your company:

This includes the telephone service, the acceptance and processing of your mail and a secretarial office including a writing service.


An address:

Through an address on-site you can create trust.

This is often an important factor in tendering.

Or if your company sits abroad and needs an address in Germany without incurring the same costs for office supplies.


How to get startet with the office service:

Configure the telephone system

Forward your calls generally to us, or only if you are busy.

Alternatively, you can have your phone ringed and forwarded to us after a fixed time.


Packages and letters:

Packages and letters which arrive at us will be processed for you.

We should check the package content? No problem!

With us, there are no special charges for the acceptance of letters or the storage of parcels.




Wishes and solutions:

Do you have any special requirements or are you looking for a solution tailored to your needs?

Talk to us, we are flexible and can make many things possible!



Frequently asked questions about our office service:

What is the experience of the Hamburg Business Center?


We have been there since 1999 and we have already supported many different companies!

Which languages do you offer in the office service?


Of course German and English , but also Russian and Ukrainian. We also offer our services in Spanish.


If I am interested in the office service, what is still to be clarified?


Do you choose the company headquarters as a branch office or headquarters in the Hamburg Business Center? Enter company address in HRB and register with the tax office.

We will help you!


How long does it take to use the office service?


We need a working day from our side to get everything done. At the address you are dependent on the notary and the offices.


How complex is the conversion to the office services?


They have minimal effort! A few agreements with the expiration and the desired achievements and already it can start.


I am sitting outside of Hamburg , can I still become a customer?


Of course! Even if your company is located abroad, you can use our office service.


How much time and money can I save?


By using our office services, our customers save their own secretary, which is often very expensive.

We reckon in the 6 minute clock from 3.00 € each.


Do you also make outbound calls for my company?


No. We do not offer this.


How do I contact the telephone service?


You can receive the call log according to your wishes, by SMS, fax or e-mail.

Define rules and emergencies, when we should direct your calls directly, we are flexible.


How can I find the best solution for my company?


Please do not hesitate to contact us! We will be pleased to advise you on possibilities and costs and find the right mix of services for your company.


Interested in our Services? Ask for a call back!


Just get YOUR unbinding offer still today!

We would very much appreciate to assist you.

+49 040 23608400

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